Saturday, October 10, 2009

Set 3: That's more like it

While set 1 and 2 were coolers, set 3 was the complete opposite. It was good for a profit of $29.2, turning my figures from red into green.
On the overall I'm now having a profit of $25.40.

I did cash 10 times out of 25 and reached 15 FTs. I did win 3 of these, besides that I also had 3 second places.
In 3 SNG's I was out in place 17 or 18, which never should happen. All three of them I did get eliminated with high pair pre flop.
My average ending position was 7,48.

I tried to incorperate the advice in the comments, tightened my early game, loosing up when I did reach 10 BB or with only 5 players at the table.

Due to this great set, the BR is getting healthier. A little bit above $60. The mistake I do need to avoid is to move up to quickly in buy-in level. I should not do this without having a BR which supports at least 2 sets at the level, which are 50 buy-ins. Which is around $170. So a long way to go.

So, let's see how set 4 will evolve.

Some stats at the moment (probably all meaningless):
- set 1: -$0.55
- Set 2: -$3.25
- Set 3: $ 29.20
Overal profit: $25.40

Games played: 75
ITM: 28%
FTs: 53%
Average pr0fit per game: $0.34
Average ending position: 8.52


3 reacties:

Nick said...

Well played.
Looks a pretty decent ROI over the three sets.

The 80th Minute said...

Thx, let's hope that I can confirm in set 4.

BurnleyMik said...

well done mate. Also remember in the later stages to not be afraid of pushing wide when you have position. Just remember this "if you are not getting it in behind, you are not getting it in enough" :-)

Glad to see the results improving.

If it interests you, I have some decent little training vids you can watch, which may help.

Drop me a line if you want them.